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Solar Power Generation System Trainer Teaching Equipment Renewable Training System
Solar Power Generation System Trainer Teaching Equipment Renewable Training System

Solar Power Generation System Trainer Teaching Equipment Renewable Training System

We provide Solar Power Generation System Trainer Teaching Equipment Renewable Training System with great production line and offer fast delivery, professional team, effiective function, friendly service, technology support.

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Application: Vocational Training For Electrical Trainer
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ZM2121C Solar Power Generation System Trainer Teaching Equipment Renewable Training System

I. Equipment Overview
1 Introduction 
1.1 Overview
This training system simulate solar generate electricity process, enable students to learn 
wind and solar generate electricity. This trainer cultivate students hand on ability, it’s 
suitable for engineering university, training institute, technical schools. 
1.2 Feature
(1)Solar energy generate electricity set: use aluminum column structure, photovoltaic panel can track and be adjusted, simulate light source can be adjusted for 120 degree in horizontal direction. 
(2) It can do many experiment circuit and components, students can combine them to different circuit, do different experiments and training content. 
(3) Training workbench with safety protection system.  
Training table size: aluminum frame, aluminum alloy hanging box unit form,the bottom is with universal wheels, dimensions 1400mm × 700mm × 1500mm (L×W×H) 
Single solar panel parameters are as follows:
Rated peak power: 30 W 
Short circuit current: 1.9 A 
Peak current: 1.7 A 
The open circuit voltage: 18.5 V 
Accumulator technology parameters: 
Voltage: 12 V 
Capacity: 12 Ah
Battery lost electricity: 10V±1V
Execution standard: GB/T 9535              
Relative Humidity: 35 ~ 85% RH (non-condensing) 
Working environment: temperature -10 ~ +40 ℃ temperature≤80 ℃  
Ambient air: non-corrosive, flammable gases, without a lot of conductive dust 
Power consumption: ≤5000W, 
Working power supply: AC220 ± 5%, DC24V / 
Power supply: single-phase three-wire AC220 ± 5%, 50HZ 
Work mode: continuous

Ⅱ. System Introduction
The system is divided into photovoltaic power generation system, control system and inverter system three parts, photovoltaic power generation system consists of analog light source devices, photovoltaic solar panels and storage batteries. The control system consists of photovoltaic controller. Inverter system consists of frequency inverter and the load unit.
1. Simulation photovoltaic power generation system: The system uses two 30W solar panels, they can be connected in series or in parallel depending on different system voltage, simulation sunlight device consists of two high-power metal halides, the relative position to photovoltaic panels can be adjusted to simulate sunlight location, it is convenient to simulate demonstration of various sunshine conditions.
2. Storage batteries: consists of four piece of 12V / 12AH maintenance-free sealed accumulators, they not only can be connected in parallel to 12V48AH system to use, but also can be connected in series to 24V / 24AH system to use, which can deepen understanding of the accumulators connected in series and parallel.
3. Controller hanging box: the box uses industrial charge controller, you can control the power of wind generators and photovoltaic panels to charge the battery, LCD display panel, and you can view the system operating parameters and can set user parameters yourselves, with perfect anti-overcharge, over-current protection function. 
4. Inverter hanging box: uses 12V / 24V voltage intelligent recognition frequency inverter, output voltage AC220V, continuous power 600W, peak power 1000W. Conversion efficiency is greater than 90%, the low pressure automatic alarm. 
5. Meter hanging box: can display generating voltage, generating current, charging voltage, charging current, inverter voltage, inverter current in real-time. 
6. Terminal load hanging box: includes incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps and axial flow fans, and does different types of load tests for 220V AC converted by the inverter.
Ⅲ.Experiment content
1. Experiment list 
(1) Battery feature test:1) electricity technical parameter 2) Battery connect in series and parallel
(2) Charge controller experiment:1) connect inversed protection experiment 2) Controller protection on battery overcharge 3) Controller protection on battery over discharging experiment 4) Anti reverse charge experiment
(3) Photovoltaic battery open circuit voltage test experiment 
(4) Photovoltaic battery short circuit current test experiment 
(5) Photovoltaic battery work power test experiment  
(6) Photovoltaic battery output feature experiment 
(7) Photovoltaic battery charging control principle experiment 
(8)Photovoltaic battery anti reverse charging experiment 
(9) Photovoltaic battery connect in series and parallel experiment 
(10) Inverter basic principle experiment 
(11) Simple inverter output waveform test experiment 
(12) Inverter drive AC load experiment
(13) Through changing light source direct to measure solar energy cell current output
(14) Different illumination deserve Silicon cell experiment assembly voltage and current curve 
(15) Through a Silicon cell used for different illumination insulation value to evaluate maximum output power
(16) Calculate photovoltaic cell efficiency
(17) Photovoltaic battery connect in series and in parallel experiment 
(18) Calculate Silicon cell panel average power

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