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Volkswagen Santana Manual Transmission Stand

Volkswagen Santana Manual Transmission Stand

We provide Volkswagen Santana Manual Transmission Stand, Automotive Training Stands, Engine Stand, Transmission Stand, Automotive Training Equipment, automotive training equipment with great production line and offer fast delivery, professional team, effiective function, friendly service, technology support.

Brand Name: ZhongCai / Customized
Warranty: 1 Year
MOQ: 1 Set
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Automotive Training Equipment
Lead Time: 15 ~ 30
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Product Overview:

This volkswagen santana manual transmission stand is suitable for the training and assessment of practical operation skills of automobile professional students in various colleges and universities.Can carry on the transmission structure and the control system understanding practice training.The transmission can be disassembled and assembled for practical training, students can disassemble and repair the transmission on the disassembly bench, the transmission can be turned over and stationary in any axial Angle during disassembly.

Main Components:

Volkswagen Santana manual transmission assembly, disassembly and assembly flip frame, oil basin, etc.

Functional Features:

(1) Transmission turnover frame adopts high strength worm gear and worm mechanism, which can make clamping parts rotate in any direction and self-lock at any Angle, convenient for students to observe from multiple angles.

(2) Transmission turnover frame with oil plate at the bottom, convenient disassembly of small parts storage and oil.

(3) The disassembly and mounting turnover frame adopts high-strength steel structure welding, the surface is treated by spraying process, and the bottom is equipped with self-locking castor device.

(4) Turning frame adopts hand wheel rotation, which is flexible and light.

(5) The whole platform adopts rigid structure welding, adopts new environmental protection spray processing, the platform with iron core polyurethane high strength universal casters, with locking function, movable, convenient teaching.

Technical parameters: 

Dimensions: 1000×800×1000mm(length × width × height);

Carrying weight; 250 kg;

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