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Electric Ev Car Model Dissection Teaching Car

Electric Ev Car Model Dissection Teaching Car

Electric Ev Car Model Dissection Teaching Car - Buy Automotive Training Equipment, Auto repair tool series Automotive Anatomical Model, Anatomical Model Training Car, Automotive Cutaway Model, Automotive Training Equipment, Dissection Teaching Car, Dissection Of A Car Product on ZHONGCAI

Brand Name: ZhongCai / Customized
Warranty: 1 Year
MOQ: 1 Set
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Automotive Training Equipment
Lead Time: 15 ~ 30
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Product Introduction:

Converting a pure electric car, which is normally operating into an dissection teaching car, retaining all the functions of the original car, dissects and cuts away some decorative covering parts, which is more conducive to the teaching needs of pure electric vehicle theory and maintenance practice.

Functional Features:

1. Car model of the pure electric car is complete with control systems, sensors and actuators, and all functions can be operated normally.

2. The dynamic and static signal parameters(such as: energy monitor screen, speed and gear display and indicator lights aunder various working conditions, etc.) of the whole vehicle displayed through the original vehicle panel

3. Zhongcai Electrical Car Model Machine Training Equipment dissection process:

1)Local sectioning and coloring of main parts of the vehicle;

2)Clearly see the internal structure and correlation of the automobile to meet the teaching needs of understanding the automobile structure and working principle;

3)The cutting surface adopts rust prevention treatment and high temperature plastic spraying movable platform, which is elegant, safe and reliable and convenient for teaching;

4)Adopt linear cutting and laser cutting processing, with smooth cutting surface and natural transition;

5)Complex processes such as electroplating, grinding and high-pressure water-sand injection are adopted to make the produts beautiful and elegant;

6)Phosphating, high-temperature baking and other processes make the color natural and bright;

7)A large area of deep and reasonable dissection, so that the internal structure are well-displayed without destroying the structural connection of the parts;

8)Different details are marked with different colors, gorgeous and reasonable matching;

9)Increase the lighting of dissected parts to highlight the dissecting effect

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